Beautiful products, made safer! Unfortunately there are many products we use daily that have potentially dangerous ingredients and toxins. Beautycounter is a clean, healthier solution. They have banned over 1,500 ingredients that will never be used when formulating their products. Beautycounter believes that there is a need for more stricter regulations with the FDA when approving these types of chemicals. Not only can they cause allergic and irritation issues, but also hormonal disruption, reproductive issues, autoimmune disorders and even cancer. Beauty should be good for you! 


They offer a full line of body care, skincare,  men’s line, along with kids and baby products that are safe and also free of any synthetic fragrance. They also have a high performance makeup line which is not not only beautiful, but effective and safe.


Women should never compromise their health in the name of beauty" 

Gregg Renfrew (Founder) 



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