Personal Photo


          Full traditional makeup

          With temporary lashes $90



          Photo Shoot Session                            



          Full traditional makeup

          Temporary lashes included

          Hair and makeup $135

           *On set $75 extra per hour 



         Bridal Portraits                                    



         Full traditional makeup

         Temporary lashes included 



          Bridal/Wedding Day


          Referrals preferred 

           Full traditional makeup application.

          Lashes included  



          Bridal Party                          

          $85 and up 


          Full traditional makeup application.

          Temporary Lashes included 

          *Rate effective in addition to bride.          



         Bridal Trial



         Full traditional makeup/ lashes $10

          Suggested prior to the wedding day 



         Event Makeup



         Full traditional makeup

         with lashes $90 



           Groups or parties             

          $75 per hour        

           Makeup applications, partial technique lesson plus 

           product education 



          Senior Portrait                            



          Full traditional makeup/lashes 

          Basic Hairstyle included 

          Makeup only $85




          Makeup Lesson                          

          $175/2 hours


         Basic techniques from day to night application 



         Brow Shaping





         $45 and up 


        Basic hairstyle some braiding

        No complete updos. 



         *LOCATION FEES:

          If required, calculated where services are provided 



          To hold dates for future scheduled services. 



           Due same day services are completed. 


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